This is kind of like Cinderella. When Ram was 15 years old she met a guy named Khun Chai Thitirat who looked after and provided her shelter after she ran away from her cruel family who threatened to lock her in a storage room again. Khun Chai Thitirat had to leave to America to continue with his studies for college so Ram knitted a scarf for him to take to America. Before he left to go to America, Khun Chai Thitirat went out to buy Ram a school uniform. At the same time Ram's farther, Mern, and her step mother, Zantra found out Ram's location and forced her to come home. Khun Chai Thitirat came home to find Ram not there and thought she ran away from him, so Khun Chai Thitirat left to America having this misunderstanding with Ram. 5 years had passed and Ram had grown to become a beautiful lady with good manners. At the age of 20 she met Khun Chai Thitirat again. He came on as Pen's (Ram's sister) fiance by a promise by M.C.Theeradhamrong Kamales, Thitirat's father, and Mern, Ram's farther, that if Mern had a daughter he would ask his daughter to marry his son. Mr.Maneekul (Mern) and his wife agreed Pen was more appropriate as Khun Chai's wife than Duenram/Ram or "Mayarassame" the name M.C.Theeradhamrong particularly gave her before he was gone.

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