A varied group of newlyweds (rich professionals, an old couple trying to reignite their love, virginal innocents, kinky oddballs, etc.) head out to Jeju Island on a honeymoon tour. The trip starts innocuously enough with a night of carnal bliss (and/or exasperation), some sight-seeing, and a drunken round of karaoke. However, sparks fly when one man (Cha Seung Won) and a woman get on-stage together for a song, much to the anger of their respective mates. Later that evening, the pair accidentally end up in bed together, and one is soon found murdered and mutilated. One of the honeymooners is a Seoul detective, forced to take over the investigation when it proves to be too much for the island's bumbling police force. There is no shortage of suspects (including a pair of goofy thieves who specialize in looting hotel rooms), suspicious behavior or bizarre motives ... and what about the ghostly apparition that was floating around shortly before the killing?

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Romanized title
Also known as
A Strange Honeymoon
Broadcast Network
Tae Chang Enterprises [태창흥업주식회사]
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