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Sometimes destiny brings someone into your life and you’re powerless to fight it, no matter how hard you try. Gi Hoon Yeok (Park Joong Hoon) is a rising star employee in his company but is a skirt-chasing playboy in his off-hours. Yang Hwee Yeok (Kim Ji Ho) is a naïve woman who is so picky about the man she wants to marry that she becomes an “old maid” by Korean standards. The two meet when her skirt gets caught in his umbrella. Later, they run into each other again at a local bar. Each interaction results in the couple losing their tempers, throwing verbal insults and otherwise squabbling over the littlest things. But with each run-in, Hoon Yeok and Hee Yeok begin to resign themselves to the fact that fate keeps bringing them together. Can they be developing real feelings for each other underneath all the bickering, or are they just conveniently using each other to fill a void in their lives? “Destiny” is a 1997 South Korean film directed by Lee Hwang Lim.

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2007-09-11 to 2007-12-05
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