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When a cannibalistic serial killer is found feasting over the body of his sixth victim, could there possibly be a logical explanation that would save him from being prosecuted to the full extent of the law? Cho Myong Gu (Jeong Wung In) is an artist who is found drawing an abstract pattern on a dead woman’s body before he devours her. Prosecutor Oh Hyeon Ju (Kang Su Yeon) is positive she has found the serial killer responsible for the same artistic modus operandi in a string of five prior murder victims, and she is determined to push for the death penalty. But defense attorney Yun Byeong Du (Chon Chae Ryong) spins a surrealistic tale in the defense of Myong Gu’s actions, arguing that Myong Gu is possessed by the soul of Gwang Rim (Jeong Woong In), a man from the 1930s who was involved in a deadly affair with a “kisaeng,” a Korean geisha girl. What unfolds in the investigation is a series of supernatural interconnections that bring the lives of ill-fated lovers from the past to the present in a full circle. “The Circle” (aka "Circle") is a 2003 South Korean film by first-time director Park Seung Bae.

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