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Have you ever wanted to become friends with and spend quality time with a major K-pop group? That’s what the contestants of MTV’s “4minute’s Friend Day” got to do with their favorite South Korean girl group. The non-celebrities who were chosen for the reality show were able to spend the day with the members of 4minute – Nam Ji Hyun, Heo Ga Yoon, Jeon Ji Yoon, Kim Hyun A and Kwon So Hyun – doing fun things like go to a café, go shopping, going to show off at school with the music stars. Then one lucky fan who was chosen as the most memorable “friend” took part in a special mini-concert with the group. Not a bad day to spend, is it? The reality show originally aired on MTV in 2010.

Genres: Entertainment, Lifestyle & Variety, Music
Original title: 포미닛 친구데이
Country: Korea
Broadcast Network: SBS MTV
Broadcast Period: 2010-06-26 to 2010-07-17
Rating: PG-13