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Chang Hee is horrified by witnessing his father, Gee Chul, being beaten up by Do Hyun. Gee Chul tries to pacify Chang Hee after the incident when he begs his father to leave Do Hyun's service. Gee Chul encourages his son to continue to study hard to be No. 1 in his class, beating Il Moon. Meanwhile Hae Joo bursts into tears as Dal Soon declares that she is not her daughter, and Hong Chul’s heart aches watching Hae Joo's reaction. Hong Chul learns the secret behind Hae Joo’s birth.

Genres: Romance, Korean Drama, Drama
Original title: 메이퀸
Country: Korea
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Broadcast Period: 2012-08-18 to 2012-12-23
Rating: PG-13