The battle between traditional Eastern medicine and Western medicine come to a head when two brilliant brothers try to compete to prove their approach to medicine provides better patient care. Set in the neurosurgery department of a general hospital, Kim Doo Hyun (Kim Seung Woo) is a neurosurgeon who has been trained in Western modern medical practices while his brother Kim Seung Hyun (Oh Ji Ho) is an Oriental medicine specialist. Each has his own team of specialists and each tries to prove that his approach to medicine saves more patients’ lives and provides better overall medical care. Jin Hye In (Kim Min Jung) works with the brothers and vies for their attention with Lee Eui Jin (Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation in her debut acting role), who plays a violist. “The 3rd Hospital,” also known as “The Third Hospital” and “Third Ward,” is a 2012 South Korean medical drama series directed by Kim Sol Mae.

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Romanized title
je 3 byeong won
Also known as
The Third Hospital, Third Ward
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Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2012-09-05 to 2012-11-08
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