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Kang Hwi’s flight is delayed, and he sees breaking news about his homosexual photos and a news conference called by L.J. to announce that he has been cut from Take One. Shocked, he calls Man Ok for help. They find out that L.J. released the photos to the media and are confused as to why. Tae Ik also is shocked by the news, feels a kinship with his partner, but is powerless to help him. Kang Hwi is determined to find evidence to clear his name and hides out at Full House, Take One’s residence.

Genres: Romance, Korean Drama, Comedy, Drama
Original title: 풀하우스 테이크 2
Country: Korea
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Broadcast Network: SBS Plus
Broadcast Period: 2012-10-22 to 2012-12-13
Rating: PG-13