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The azimuth thruster model that Hae Joo and Kang San worked so hard to develop is stolen, along with the model’s blueprints. Kang San is run over by a car while trying to chase down the thieves. Hae Joo has a flashback to her own father’s accident and is devastated. When In Hwa announces her intent to marry Chang Hee, Geum Hee refuses to give her approval. Meanwhile, Do Hyun cuts all support of Kang San’s thruster project and tries to ruin him.

Generos: Romance, Drama Coreano, Drama
Titulo original: 메이퀸
País: Corea del Sur
Equipo del Canal Voluntario: The First Mate Team El equipo voluntario (gente como usted!) han escrito los subtítulos en estos vídeos. ¿Quiere unirse a la diversión? Contactase con el Channel Manager!
Periodo de emisión: 2012-08-18 to 2012-12-23
Clasificación: PG-13