In the school known as KO One, all the delinquents and misfits from other high schools are sent there and there is a ranking system for the students that is strictly respected. The leader of the students is Wang Da Dong (Jiro Wang), who is known as KO.3. But when Da Dong is suddenly transported 10 years into the future by a strange inter-dimensional timequake, he finds that all of his friends have disappeared and the class of KO One is now ruled by a mysterious girl named King (Pets Tseng). Can Da Dong get to the bottom of the mystery and find out what happened to all his friends? “KO One Return” is the second season of the popular “KO One” drama series that originally aired in 2012 and is directed by Ke Zheng Ming and Lin Qing Fang. Season 1 of “KO One” originally aired in 2005. Season 3 was called “KO One Re-Act” and originally aired in 2013. Season 4 has been confirmed and will be called “KO One Re-Task” and will air in 2016.

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Romanized title
Zhong Ji Yi Ban Er
Also known as
KO One 2, KO One Season 2
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Broadcast Period
2012-12-26 to 2013-02-05
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