Zain 's life changed overnight after being abandoned lover, carelessly , one week prior to their wedding. In order to maintain the dignity of the family of the condemned , Zain mother , Datin Adiibah decided to unite with Irsalina Zain who is the daughter of his friend , Mrs. Jill . Although in the eyes of Datin Akon aid given by Mrs Jill looks noble , but the truth is Mrs. Jill has its own agenda when he wants to use as a pack Zain willing to cover sin Irsalina which is pregnant with an illegitimate child ex-lover . At the beginning of marriage , very difficult for Zain and Irsalina adapt . Furthermore Irsalina still acting childish while Zain , a man impatient . Although they do not sleep in the same bed and often differed understand , but they will behave like a romantic couple in front of their families . After two months of marriage then Zain and Irsalina reach nascent understanding and love between the two of them . But have not had time to enjoy a blissful marriage, pregnancy secret Irsalina uncovered when she suffered a miscarriage . While he had never touched her. Pain is deep wound. Irsalina give up anger and rage Zain . Her lips were still smiling even liver injury sheath . Naturally , this sentence is accepted as indeed he is guilty . His commitment to be faithful to Zain would scratches whatsoever happens . He wanted to be faithful to the end of life . Thus began a new round of misery Irsalina life . Meanwhile , Datin Adiibah not think Irsalina deny willing to make Zain as a pack drove Irsalina and inciting Zain to divorce his wife . Even Datin Adiibah also introduced Eriza to Zain . Are Zain will continue to be loyal to Irsalina or love will move towards the new person Eriza ? Is the reward of love Zain and Irsalina ?

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