Cold and strong, Boyfriend came back as home fatales! Top producer, SWEETUNE, also well known as KARA and Infinite's hit song maker, has once again put their efforts into the Boys' project. The title song "I Yah" is a dance track which features the funky sound of guitar riffs on top the members' powerful singing and rapping skills. Letting go of their pretty boy image, BOYFRIEND revealed their masculine side from their previous work "Janus", and will continue on the powerful and 'homme fatale' concept through this album. The boys are going to give the impression of powerful and charismatic men by wearing slim black suits and utilizing metallic accessories with smoky make-up. The music video "I YAH" was shot by the popular K-pop MV director ZANY BROS. In the MV, child actress Kim So Hyun from TV Drama "I Miss You" partnered up with BOYFRIEND members to act out a very romantic and cute love story.

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