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When Nazif Jr. enters the courtroom, everyone is shocked by his reaction to Mahir. It will be hard now for Mahir to keep his secret.The new surprising developments in the case forces Feride in a difficult position. It is almost time for Feride to “break the pen” (pronounce Nazif quilty). Her decision will seal the fate of everyone, and not only Nazif’s.After the trail, Feride goes out of town to clear her head from Mahir. When Mahir finds out, he decides he can’t lose Feride’s love. Turgut also wants to heal Feride’s wounds. Both of them are taking steps to win Feride.

Genres: Romance, Action & Adventure, Crime & Mystery, Drama
Original title: Karadayı
Country: Turkey
Volunteer Channel Team: Karadayi Team The volunteer team (people just like you!) that has written the subtitles on these videos. Want to join the fun? Contact the Channel Manager!
Broadcast Network: ATV
Broadcast Period: 2012-10-08 to 2013-06-17
Rating: PG-13