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They say in love, opposites attract. Han Ye Won (Jung Da Bin) is a sweet, but a bit clumsy, high school girl who is well liked and has lots of friends. Ji Eun Sung (Song Seung Hun) is an ill-tempered, brusque vocational school student who is very guarded with his emotions. An accidental meeting between the two results in the clumsy Ye Won locking lips with the surprised Eun Sung. Eun Sung is angry at having his first kiss with a girl stolen by Ye Won, and his friend tells Ye Won that she must take responsibility for her actions and marry Eun Sung. So begins an unlikely love story between two polar opposite people. Eun Sung becomes smitten with the sweet Ye Won, although she initially is put off by his bad temper and rude behavior. But when Eun Sung finds out that Ye Won once dated an older student named Kim Han Sung (Lee Ki Woo), Eun Sung is so hurt that he decides to escape and follow his mother to the United States without a word to Ye Won. A year later, Ye Won is with Han Sung and they are preparing to take the college entrance exam. During the exam, a famous quote from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” reminds Ye Won about a promise that she and Eun Sung made to meet at a particular spot at the park when the first snowfall came. Ye Won gets up from the middle of her exam and runs to the park. Will Eun Sung meet her there? “He Was Cool” (aka “Happy Ending”), also known as “The Cool Guy,” is a 2004 South Korean film directed by Lee Hwan Gyeong. The film is based on a novel by the same title by Guiyeoni.

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Romanized title
Geunomeun Meoshiteotda
Also known as
Happy Ending, The Cool Guy
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