When two single men both get the same call, it changes their lives forever. Tang Xiang Xi (Yang Leroy), a successful attorney, and Wen Zhen Hua (Lin You Wei), a quiet florist, both dated the same woman in their past. One day, they each get a call from the hospital saying that a baby girl is born and the girl’s mother left without a trace after providing both their names. Unsure who the real father is, Xiang Xi and Zhen Hua make the courageous decision to raise the girl together. Seven years later, the two good-looking bachelors are the proud dads of the adorable Tang Wen Di (Le Le), but how long will their domestic bliss last? “Two Fathers” is a Taiwanese drama series that began airing on March 26, 2013, and runs for 80 episodes. Despite early heat from fans for its homosexual-based theme, the drama has been popular among fans.

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Romanized title
Liang Ge Ba Ba
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2013-03-26 to 2013-07-22
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