Hyun Woo (Han Sang Jin), the son of a wealthy family, meets a beautiful woman and marries her. He thought his life was idyllic until his whole world falls apart. After surviving a car accident that puts him temporarily into a coma, he awakes only to learn that his perfect wife seduced and married him in order to exact revenge and ruin his family. Devastated by the betrayal, Hyun Woo undergoes plastic surgery, assumes a new identity and begins an intricate counterplot. Can he strike back at the woman he loved? “Temptation of an Angel,” also known as “Angel’s Temptation,” is a 2009 South Korean drama series written by Kim Soon Ok and directed by So Jung Hyun. It is a spin-off of the very popular 2008 family drama “Temptation of Wife,” which also was written by Kim Soon Ok.

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Romanized title
cheon sa ui yu hok
Also known as
Angel's Temptation, Temptation of an Angel
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2009-10-12 to 2009-12-22
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