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Xue Hai, a wealthy chap, pampered by his sister since young because his parents died early. To let not others be aware of his real identity and to prevent kidnapping cases, his sister registered him in the University as "Da Lang". Da Lang sees that Bao Zhu is always alone in the school and him being extremely innocent and friendly, tries to befriend Bao Zhu, a fierce woman on the outside but soft-hearted in the inside.But Da Lang always ended up bullied by her.



Show Luo - Ai Feng Tou (Part 1): Hi, My Sweetheart Fan Channel
Rainie Yang - Tick Tock MV: Hi, My Sweetheart Fan Channel
Rainie Yang - Rain Love (Hi, My Sweetheart OST): Hi, My Sweetheart Fan Channel
Hi My Sweetheart [0] BTS (Part 1): Hi, My Sweetheart Fan Channel


Lee Wei
Main Actor
Rainie Yang
Main Actor
Show Luo
Main Actor
Gao Shan Feng
Supporting Actor

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