KO One is a school where all the delinquents and misfits form other high schools are sent. Pushed together by circumstances, the classmates in KO One are very tight-knit and always stand up for one another, although they also maintain a pecking order in the class. They are loyal to their leader, Wang Da Dong (Jiro Wang), known as KO.3. Tied for the KO.3 is Wang Ya Se (Calvin Chen) and Ding Xiao Yu (Aaron Yan) is KO.4, while the true identities of KO.1 and KO.2 are still a mystery. When a strange series of events begin to occur, and Ya Se is blamed for the incidents, will his classmates in KO One pull together to help him? “KO One” is a 2005 Taiwanese drama series directed by Liao Fei Hong.

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Romanized title
Zhong Ji Yi Ban
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2005-11-26 to 2006-05-27
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