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The world of competitive dancing can be ruthless. Champion ballroom dancer Na Young Sae (Park Geon Hyeong) loses the national championships when a rival dancer plays dirty and then steals his partner. Determined to retake the title, Young Sae and his manager import a bride from China who happens to be an accomplished dancer. But the young woman who shows up instead is the dancer’s younger sister, Jang Chae Ryn (Moon Geun Young), who knows nothing about dancing. With the competition only three months away, can Young Sae do the impossible and teach his new bride how to dance like a champion, or will history repeat itself? “Innocent Steps” is a 2005 South Korean film directed by Park Young Hoon.

Genres: Romance, Sports, Comedy, Drama
Original title: 댄서의 순정
Country: Korea
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Broadcast Network: Culture Cap Media [컬쳐캡미디어]
Rating: PG-13