DMTN is a South Korean R&B and hip-hop boy band that first debuted in 2010. The group’s name previously stood for Dalmatian but is now said to stand for “Desire. Motivation. Timing. Now.” The current six members of the group are Inati, Simon, Donglim (previously known as Youngwon), Jeesu, Dari and Daniel. Simon took over the spot of Day Day (David Inati), who left the group. See the music videos of the group’s popular songs “Safety Zone” and “E.R.”



DMTN Episode 1: DMGOS (Part 1) Fan Channel
DMTN Episode 2: DMGOS (Part 1) Fan Channel
DMTN Episode 3: DMGOS (Part 1) Fan Channel
DMTN Episode 4: DMGOS (Part 1) Fan Channel


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Music Videos5

DMTN: Safety Zone Fan Channel
DMTN: Lover Cop Fan Channel
DMTN: Round 1 Fan Channel


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