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AOA (Ace Of Angels)

AOA (에이오에이)

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AOA (Ace Of Angels)
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AOA (Ace Of Angels) is a new group of South Korean agency FNC ENTERTAINMENT composed of 8 members: Chan Mi, Cho A, Hyun Seol, Min A, Yu Na, Yu Kyung, Ji Hye Jung Min and. They officially started July 30, 2012 with their first single "Elvis".

Original title
AOA (에이오에이)


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AOA (Ace Of Angels): Like a cat Fan Channel
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OPEN UP! AOA EP 4 Be Happy With You 'Puppies'♥: AOA (Ace Of Angels) Fan Channel
OPEN UP! AOA EP 3 Healing Trip & Members' Heartwarming Letters: AOA (Ace Of Angels) Fan Channel
OPEN UP! AOA EP 2 CHOA'S DAY, Dreaming of being a Fashionista: AOA (Ace Of Angels) Fan Channel
OPEN UP! AOA EP 1 FIRST VACATION: AOA (Ace Of Angels) Fan Channel


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