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1 Billion Words!

Thanks to passionate fans like you, Viki's global TV shows are about to reach a billion words of subtitles in over 200 languages!
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To celebrate this huge milestone, we're giving away some big prizes on top of all the cool perks we already give our volunteers!
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Join the Fun

Sharpen your language skill in our sub-a-thon and get a chance to win prizes!

Prize 1

Grand prize winner

11" MacBook Air

Prize 2

4 of the top 100 contributors

Roku 3 media player

Prize 3

Top 500 contributors

Exclusive Badges

Prize 4

25 winners per week

1-Month Viki Pass

Sub-a-thon begins October 5

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How to Subtitle

Don't worry. It's fun, easy and comes with cool perks!

First Time

This subtitling 101 video covers all the basics! You can also watch the series of subtitling tutorials on our Viki U Channel.

Find a project

Once you've created a free Viki account, simply head to the Project Finder to search for shows to segment, subtitle, or caption in your language.

What if I only know one language?

That's okay! You can still subtitle by captioning, which is writing subtitles in the video's original language. This helps hearing-impaired viewers as well as other translators.

Ready to join the fun?

Start subtitling!

Contributor Rewards

Earn these perks anytime!

Unique Badges

Access to Geo-Restricted Shows

Free Viki Pass

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Exclusives Gifts & Prizes

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