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We did it!

1 Billion Words!

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Thanks to dedicated fans like you, Viki's global TV shows are now subtitled in a billion words!

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How much is a Billion?

Hint: It's a lot!


A person typing at average speed has to type non-stop for 47 years to write all the subtitles on Viki.


It would take 9.5 years of uninterrupted reading to read all the subtitles on Viki. Our subtitles could fill 25,000 novels!


If you wrote out all our subtitles in a straight line, that line would circle the moon!

Viki's top subtitled languages

  1.      English
  2.      Spanish
  3.      French
  4.      Portuguese
  5.      Romanian
  6.      Indonesian
  7.      Italian
  8.      German
  9.      Polish
  10.      Turkish
  11.      Others

The most subtitled shows on Viki

My Love from the Star
Smile You
Playful Kiss
Secret Garden
Boys over Flowers
Fated to Love you
Just You
Inspiring Generation
City Hunter

Didn't get a chance to subtitle? It's not too late to start.
It's fun and you can earn cool rewards when you subtitle on Viki!

Learn How

How to Subtitle

Don't worry. It's fun, easy and comes with cool perks!

First Time

This subtitling 101 video covers all the basics! You can also watch the series of subtitling tutorials on our Viki U Channel.

Find a project

Once you've created a free Viki account, simply head to the Project Finder to search for shows to segment, subtitle, or caption in your language.

What if I only know one language?

That's okay! You can still subtitle by captioning, which is writing subtitles in the video's original language. This helps hearing-impaired viewers as well as other translators.

Ready to join the fun?

Start subtitling!

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