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Viki's mission has always been to break down language barriers that stand between great entertainment and fans everywhere.

Today, we’re taking another important step toward that goal as we partner with Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin to kick off the Billion Words March, a year-long campaign to champion access to streamed TV shows and movies for 360 million people worldwide with deafness and hearing loss.

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What is the Billion Words March?

The BWM is our response to the recent
FCC regulation that mandates improved closed captioning for broadcast TV and video streaming sites in the United States.

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Why Should I Care?

In addition to helping the deaf and hearing impaired, closed captions can help anyone improve information retention, and according to millions of Viki fans, even learn other languages!

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Viki + You

With our crowdsourced subtitling technology and amazing community of fans, Viki has always met captioning requirements. To make lasting change, we need your help to encourage governments everywhere to take similar steps. See related programs.

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