Rainie Yang


Rainie Yang is a popular Taiwanese singer, actress and TV host. Born on June 4, 1984, with the birth name Yang Cheng Lin, she also is known by Lily Yang. Rainie Yang got her name when she debuted as part of the Taiwanese girl group 4 in Love in 2000, when each member was given a different weather-themed stage name. When the group disbanded in 2002, Rainie Yang branched out into hosting the variety show “Guess Guess Guess.” Her career in acting took off after she starred in the 2005 television drama “Devil Beside You,” for which she also sang two theme songs. She has starred in many other popular dramas since, including “Why Why Love” (2007), “Miss No Good” (2008), “ToGetHer” (2009), “Hi My Sweetheart” (2009) and “Love at Second Sight” (2014). Rainie Yang has also released many popular songs and albums.

Image via Beijing Youth Weekly