Kim Hye Eun

Gim Hye Eun
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Kim Hye Eun

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Kim Hye Eun is a South Korean actress and television personality born on March 1, 1973, in Busan, South Korea. She studied at Seoul National University and began her career as an announcer for MBC in 1997. She made her drama debut in “Nonstop 3” (2002), while still a member of the news team at MBC. In 2004, she decided to quit her MBC post and then went on to pursue a full-time career in drama. She has since appeared in the series “New Heart” (2007), “Women of the Sun” (2008), “Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time” (2012), and “Secret Love Affair” (2014). More recently, she has starred in the dramas “Encounter” (2018) and “Doctor John” (2019).

Mar 1, 1973 (edad 47)
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