Song Chang Eui


Song Chang Eui is a South Korean actor who started his career in musical theater in the 2002 production of “Blue Saigon.” Born on January 24, 1979, he is most well known for his role as a transgender rocker in the musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and the first jukebox musical “Gwanghwamun Love Song.” After branching out into television dramas in 2005, he shot to fame in the 2007 drama “Golden Bride,” which led to many other popular drama series, including “Cinderella Man” (2009), “Life Is Beautiful” (2010), “Heartstrings” (2011), “The Great Seer” (2012), “Syndrome” (2012), “The Woman Who Married Three Times” (2013) and “Dr. Frost” (2014).

Image via Singles