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Joo Woo Jae

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Joo Woo Jae is a South Korean model, DJ and radio show host. Born November 28, 1986 he originally had plans to become a mechanical engineer, studying at Hongik University, but he took on work as a freelance model and the rest is history. He has appeared in several Korean television dramas including, “We Broke Up” (2015), “Come and Hug Me” (2018), and “Best Chicken” (2019). He has also made appearances in numerous variety shows including, “Problematic Men” (2015), “Replies That Make Us Flutter” (2016), “I Can See Your Voice: Season 4” (2017), and “Love Naggers 2” (2019). When he’s not appearing in shows, he’s modeling for his own brand of men’s clothing, SIESTA.

Nov 28, 1986 (edad 32)
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