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Segmenting is the process of "cutting" a video into timed parts, or segments, into which subtitles can be written. It's an excellent way to volunteer, even if you don’t know another language.


Anyone can translate shows into another language with our Subtitle Editor. Even if you only speak one language, captioning is an excellent way to volunteer. Subtitling is easy, fun and addictive!

Each channel has its own volunteer team with dedicated roles, including Subtitlers, Segmenters, Moderators and even Channel Managers. Joining or creating your own channel team is a great way to meet other fans from around the world and get recognized by your favorite stars!

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Channel Managers

A Channel Manager is the leader of a channel and is responsible for coordinating activities within the channel, including subtitling, segmenting, commenting and more. A Channel Manager fosters a fun and inclusive environment for both fans and volunteers.

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Moderators & Editors

Moderators are appointed for a specific language; they help Channel Managers by recruiting and managing Editors and Subtitlers. Editors oversee the quality of the subtitles in their native languages.

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Segmenters create quality segments and are responsible for the timing of subtitles for all videos. Join an On-Air team by sending a request to the Channel Manager!

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Subtitlers & Captioners

Subtitlers translate videos into new languages, either from the original language or from English to another language. Even if you only speak one language, you can still contribute by captioning. Join an On-Air team by sending a request to the Channel Manager!

Become a Qualified Contributor

The Viki Qualified Contributor (QC) program recognizes our most passionate and active community members. QC's get amazing perks, including special promotions like concert tickets, care packages, and more!

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QC Trainee


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Qualified Contributor

Qualified Contributor


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Gold Qualified Contributor

Gold Qualified Contributor


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QC Perks

QC Trainee Qualified Contributor Gold QC
Special access to videos like Viki Originals

Free subscription to Viki

Ad-free, HD and exclusive content

QC and Gold QC only
Awesome badges on profile page

QC and Gold QC only
Official certificate from Viki

QC and Gold QC only
QC Exclusive Promotions

QC and Gold QC only
Gold QC Exclusive Promotions

Gold QC only

VikiPass Plus content is only available for users in the Americas.

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