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To celebrate Asian American Heritage Month, Viki has launched CREATED, a new destination at Viki that celebrates the rich diversity of the Viki community. We know that your identity isn’t just where you’re born or where you live – it’s much much more. You are the passions that drive you, the trends that intrigue you, the interests that fascinate you, and more! That is why CREATED will explore all the aspects that make up our “Viki ID” during Asian American Heritage Month this May, but you can enjoy our new CREATED content all year long. We also invite you to express that identity in your own creative way. After all, CREATED is a new destination with content for you by creators like you. During each week of May, we will be taking a closer look at one shared interest of our Viki community with original CREATED content, and we’ll also be providing you with opportunities to participate and win prizes! In the first week, we will indulge our passion for food through food tutorials and taste tests. In the second week, we’ll explore ways to infuse more fun into our lives and lead a healthy lifestyle. In the third week, we’ll share the beauty secrets of our favorite Korean celebs. During each of the three weeks, the Viki community can vote through social media on what you want our creators to do in each week’s videos. But in the fourth week, we want to focus on you. We’ll host a special giveaway to some lucky winners who have participated throughout the month! So let’s not only explore our Viki ID but also express it with #VikiID!