• Bawang Puteh Bawang Merah

    In this 1959 Malaysian Cinderella story, the live-action musical tells the story of two stepsisters, one good and the other bad. Latifah Omar stars as the good sister, Bawang Merah, and Umi Kalthom... More

    7 languages
  • 'Neath Brooklyn Bridge
    United States

    'Neath Brooklyn Bridge

    The East Side Kids find a young girl in the apartment of a man who was just killed. Not believing that the girl could be the killer, they go searching for the real killer. A 1942 American film. More

    4 languages
  • The General
    United States

    The General

    The General (1926) is an American silent comedy film. Union spies steal The General, a Confederate train manned by the Confederate engineer Johnnie Gray. Gray and his love, Annabelle Lee, have to r... More

    5 languages
  • Till the Clouds Roll By
    United States

    Till the Clouds Roll By

    Till the Clouds Roll By (1946) is a musical and fictional biography of American Broadway pioneer Jerome Kern featuring renditions of his famous songs. More

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  • Sabotage (1936)
    United Kingdom

    Sabotage (1936)

    Sabotage (1936) is a British thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock. A Scotland Yard undercover detective named Ted Spencer is assigned to investigate Mr. Verloc, a cinema owner who is part of a gan... More

    5 languages
  • Chopin: The Women Behind the Music

    Documentary about the life of the great pianist and composer Chopin and the story of the women whose voices inspired his music. More

    3 languages
  • Junglee


    Shekhar (Shammi Kapoor) is a humourless, pompous businessman from a wealthy family. Laughter is regarded as a sign of belonging to the plebeian class and is not encouraged in his home. The only mem... More

    1 language
  • Sona and Chandi

    Sona and Chandi

    Sona Chandi is a classic comedy-drama television serial produced by PTV. The story of the drama revolves around a couple Sona and Chandi, who came to a city in search of work. The role of Sona is p... More

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  • Ram Lakhan

    Ram Lakhan

    A story that highlights the perennial fight between good and evil, this film is about a mother, Sharda, who pledges her sons to avenge the death of their father by his wicked cousins. Even thou... More

    1 language
  • The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog

    In this 1926 silent film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, a landlady suspects that one of her tenants is a "Jack the Ripper"-type serial killer in London. More

    6 languages
  • The Playhouse
    United States

    The Playhouse

    This short film is famous for its opening scene, in which Buster Keaton plays every role simultaneously. More

    1 language
  • Texas Legionnaires
    United States

    Texas Legionnaires

    Texas Legionnaires (also known as Man From Music Mountain) is a 1943 American Western film about a man who returns to his hometown to do a radio gig as a singing cowboy and finds himself in the mid... More

    3 languages
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