Choi Eun Hee, Kim Jin Gyu, Han Eun Jin, Heo Jang Kang Chun-hyang, who is the daughter of a local gisaeng, and Lee Mong-nyong, whose father is the governor of Namwon county, fall in love and make a pledge of marriage. However, Lee is soon forced to follow his father to the capital, and the new governor Byeon Hakdo covets the incomparably beautiful Chun-hyang for his own. Chun-hyang strenuously rejects Byeon's demand to attend him in his bed, for which she is tortured and thrown in jail. Meanwhile, Lee has passed an important state exam and been appointed as an undercover investigator for the king. He comes back to Namwon, punishes the corrupt Byeon, and saves his lady love.
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Original title
Romanized title
Seong Chun Hyang
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