오싹한 연애

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She is the reason for his career success but can he return the favor? Ma Jo Goo (Lee Min Ki) is a struggling street magician whose life changes after he sees Kang Yeo Ri (Son Ye Jin). When Jo Goo sees Yeo Ri looking miserable during one of his performances, he is inspired to create a “horror magic show” that becomes tremendously successful, landing him a regular show on the stage. Yeo Ri ends up working for Jo Goo in his magic show, but her gloomy disposition makes her an outcast from the rest of his staff. After a night of drinking at a staff outing during which Yeo Ri gets drunk, Jo Goo is concerned about Yeo Ri and goes to her house to check up on her. There, he encounters a ghost child who scares the living daylights out of him. He then learns the reason for Yeo Ri’s constant pall. After a car accident in high school, Yeo Ri developed the ability to see ghosts, and these ghosts haunt her and those around her. One particularly vengeful ghost is Lee Joo Hee (Hwang Seung Eon), Yeo Ri’s high school best friend who died during that accident. Despite his fear of real ghosts, can Jo Goo muster up the courage to help Yeo Ri overcome her dreadful curse, or will Joo Hee’s ghost get her way to make sure Yeo Ri could never be happy? “Spellbound” is a 2011 South Korean film written and directed by Hwang In Ho. It is considered one of the most successful romantic comedy films.

Original title
오싹한 연애
Romanized title
Ossakhan Yeonae
Also known as
Chilling Romance
Volunteer Team
Spellbound Volunteer Team
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
Korea Supernatural Romantic Comedy


  1. Spellbound


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Lee Min Ki
Main Cast
Son Ye Jin
Main Cast

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