SORI: Voice From the Heart

로봇, 소리

Korea, Sci-Fi

SORI: Voice From the Heart


A desperate father looks for any shred of hope in searching for his missing daughter. Hae Gwan (Lee Sung Min) is a broken man. His beloved daughter, Yoo Joo (Chae Soo Bin), is believed to have been killed during the Daegu subway fire in 2003, but Hae Gwan refuses to believe that his daughter is dead and continues to hand out flyers and chase down leads for nearly 10 years to try to find her. When Hae Gwan receives a tip that Yoo Joo has been sited on an island, Hae Gwan rushes there but only finds a satellite communications robot that has returned to Earth and washed up on the shore of a beach. When Hae Gwan realizes that the voice-recognition robot has recorded every phone conversation had by people in Korea, he realizes that the robot holds the key to helping him find Yoo Joo. Hae Gwan tries to disguise the robot, which he names “Sori” (which means “sound” in Korean) (voiced by Shim Eun Kyung), as he takes it around to each clue the robot provides. But the problem is that Sori’s NASA inventors and Korean intelligence officials and scientists, including Agent Shin (Lee Hee Jun) and Engineer Ji Yun (Honey Lee), are in hot pursuit trying to recover the expensive Sori. Can Sori help Hae Gwan find what he desperately seeks in time? “Sori: Voice From the Heart” is a 2016 South Korean film directed by Lee Ho Jae.

Original title
로봇, 소리
Romanized title
Robot, Sori
Also known as
Robot, Sori, Robot Sound
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Broadcast Period
Korea Sci-Fi Family & Kids Drama


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  1. SORI: Voice from the Heart

    SORI: Voice from the Heart

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Lee Sung Min
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Lee Hee Joon
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Honey Lee
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Chae Soo Bin
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