Fly, Daddy, Fly

플라이 대디

EN 100% Korea, Action & Adventure

Fly, Daddy, Fly


A father will go to any lengths to protect his daughter. When Chang Ka Pil (Lee Moon Sik, winner of the 2008 male supporting actor award for the television drama series “Iljimae‎”) returns home from work one day, his ordinary, happy life is shattered forever. He discovers that his 17-year-old daughter, Da Mi (Kim So Eun), has been raped by Kang Tae Wook (Cho Sung Ha), the high school boxing star who is from a wealthy government family. Seeking to avenge his daughter’s honor, Ka Pil finds he is no match for Tae Wook’s well-connected family and gets nowhere with authorities or school officials. When an attempt to stab Tae Wook goes awry, Ka Pil accepts the help of Go Seung Suk (Lee Jun Ki, popular idol who rose to fame in “The King and the Clown” and is an ambassador for Korean tourism), a street-smart student who will train him to box in 45 days so that he can fight his daughter’s attacker honorably. “Fly, Daddy, Fly” is a 2006 South Korean remake by director Choi Jong Tae of a Japanese film by the same name. It is based on a novel by Japanese author Kaneshiro Kazuki.

Original title
플라이 대디
Romanized title
Peullai daedi
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
06-09-2008 to 03-06-2009
Korea Action & Adventure Korean Drama Drama


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  1. Fly Daddy Fly

    Fly Daddy Fly

    EN 100% Korea


Lee Moon Shik
Main Cast
Kim So Eun
Main Cast
Lee Joon Gi
Main Cast

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Fly, Daddy, Fly

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