Tiny Times 2.0

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Picking up where “Tiny Times 1.0” left off, fashion magazine assistant editor Lin Xiao (Yang Mi) is still best friends with high school buddies and fellow Shanghai fashion aspirants Gu Li (Amber Kuo), Nan Xiang (Bea Hayden), and Tang Wanru (Evonne Hsieh). However, a fateful birthday party takes an unpleasant turn when one of the friends unearths a skeleton in the closet – a romantic secret that threatens to divide the group. What’s more, a death in the family then leaves Gu Li in charge of the family firm – with rival businesspeople already taking aim at the company. Things are also getting complex for Lin Xiao, who is still struggling to please her perfectionist boss – and developing doubts about the fidelity of her long-term boyfriend. Meanwhile, workmate Zhou Chong Guang (Cheney Chen) is starting to catch her eye… Can the quartet get their friendship back on track, or is their relationship now soured beyond repair? Will Gu Li keep the business vultures away from the family business? And will Lin Xiao stick with her long-time lover, or take a chance on a new flame? The movie is the second of four “Tiny Times” movies, based on a hit series of novels. “Tiny Times 2.0” is a 2013 Chinese movie written, produced, and directed by Guo Jingming.