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So Young


A college freshman, Zheng Wei (Yang Zi Shan) is determined to marry her childhood friend someday so she follows him to the same university and enrolls in the civil engineering department. Excited to join her friend, Lin Jing (Han Geng), in their next great life adventure, Zheng Wei wastes no time in visiting Lin Jing at his dormitory only to find that her life-long friend has left for America. Unable to understand why Jing would leave without saying goodbye, Wei is devastated by her friend’s abandonment. 

Sad as she is, Wei isn’t left to wallow in her grief for long as her three new roommates are determined to help her move on. With their help, Wei is able to let go of the pain her best friend left behind and move on. Determined to live her best life and never look back, Wei lets go of the past and finds a way to move on.

As time passes, Wei makes other friends on campus, including a couple of architecture majors. Visiting them on campus one day, Wei bumps into Chen Xiao Zheng (Mark Chao), a disciplined and hardworking architecture major with a cool exterior and every colder heart. Unimpressed by Wei’s laid-back attitude, Xiao Zheng is the last person to ever consider Wei as anything more than a nuisance, but fate has other plans. 

As Wei and Xiao Zheng spend more time together, they find their opposing qualities are exactly what makes them interesting. In a classic case of opposites attracting, Wei and Xiao Zheng end up spending the rest of their college years in a relationship. However, not all things are meant to last and as graduation approaches, the two find their paths in life are destined to diverge.

Heartbroken once again, Wei decides not to dwell on the past but accept that what once was may never be again. Determined to keep moving forward, Wei finds a job and settles into a new stage in her life; but as time passes, she learns that some things from the past don’t always stay in the past. 

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, “So Young” is a 2013 Chinese drama film directed by Zhao Wei.

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Zhi Wo Men Shi Qe De Qing Chun
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Mainland China Romantic Comedy


  1. So Young

    So Young

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