Beijing Love Story

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A struggling designer, Chen Feng (Chen Si Cheng) never thought love would come his way. But when he meets Shen Yan (Tong Li Ya), everything changes. Soon after Chen Feng realizes Shen Yan is the one for him, he proposes, but her well-to-do family wants nothing to do with a man who can barely support himself, let alone a wife and child. Driven away, Chen Feng is heartbroken, but he’s not the only one struggling with matters of the heart. Chen’s boss, Wu Zheng (Wang Xue Bing), has made cheating on his wife a nasty habit and she’s had enough. Hoping to give her husband a taste of his own medicine, Zhang Lei (Yu Nan) has an affair of her own with her boss, Liu Hui (Tony Leung). Unfortunately for Zhang Lei, things don’t work out the way she had planned, as he jets off to Greece soon after, to meet up with his long-time mistress, Jia Ling (Carina Lau).  Meanwhile, a young high school student (Liu Hao Ran) falls for his classmate, Liu Hui’s daughter, (Na Na Ouyang), a cello prodigy who is leaving to study abroad. While the young man tries to console his now-broken heart, his grandfather (Wang Qing Xiang) is suffering a different sort of heartache as he’s forced into a number of  disastrous blind dates by his meddling cousin (Siqin Gao Wa).  With so many hearts and lives interconnected, will any of them find what makes them truly happy? The story of five couples, living independently of each other, yet somehow connected by fate,  “Beijing Love Story” is a 2014 romance film directed by Chen Si Cheng.