Growing up in a small Taiwanese fishing village, Bu (Shu Qi) never imagined her life would ever reach much farther than the door of her parents’ little restaurant. But when she finds a romantic message in a bottle, she begins to wonder if there may be a different life waiting for her, if only she had the courage to reach out and grab it. A hopeless romantic, Bu is convinced the message washed up at her feet was meant for her and feels, in her heart, that this is her moment to reach for a different destiny. Without hesitation, Bu books a flight for Hong Kong, determined to find the note’s mysterious author, Albert (Tony Leung).

Arriving in Hong Kong, Bu wastes no time in tracking down Albert but the man behind the message isn’t exactly who she thought he would be. A gay cosmetologist, who wrote the message for his ex, Albert feels bad about leading Bu on a fruitless journey. In an effort to make things up to her, he offers to let Bu to stay with him while she’s in town, and even takes her along to one of the photo shoots he’s working. It’s there she meets the charming C.N. Chan (Jackie Chan), a wealthy but lonely businessman who soon finds himself falling for Bu’s small-town charms.

Enjoying Hong Kong, and particularly C.N’s company, Bu finds herself falling for the kindhearted businessman, but life gets a bit more complicated when her self-proclaimed boyfriend, Long Yi (Richie Ren), turns up out of nowhere, demanding she return home with him at once. But Bu isn’t the only one being haunted by pieces of her past. When C.N.'s life-long rival, Howie Lo (Wakin Chau), hires a professional fighter to kidnap Bu and challenge C.N. to a fight he can’t win, the business tycoon is forced to face the ghosts of his past or risk losing the only woman he’s ever loved.

An delightful romantic romp, “Gorgeous” is a 1999 action romantic comedy film directed by Vincent Kok.

Original title
Volunteer Team
Gorgeous Volunteer Team
Broadcast Period
Hong Kong Action Comedy


  1. Gorgeous


    EN 94% Hong Kong


Jackie Chan
Main Cast
Shu Qi
Main Cast
Richie Ren
Supporting Cast
Tony Leung
Supporting Cast

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