House of Hummingbird

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Living in Seoul, in 1994, Eun Hee (Park Ji Hu) was just like every other kid her age. A fourteen-year-old middle school student, Eun Hee spent her days flitting between home and school, doing her best to live up to the exhausting expectations of both her parents, her teachers, and society as a whole.  As the youngest daughter, Eun Hee’s parents devoted more time to their rice cake shop than to her, but every free moment they had was spent drilling the importance of an education into her and her two older siblings, Dae Hoon (Son Sang Yeon) and Su Hee (Park Soo Yeon). Crushed under the relentless pressure placed upon them by their parents, the siblings all find their own ways to cope, but not all of them are healthy, especially for Eun Hee. Desperate to escape her tumultuous home life, Eun Hee often finds comfort in the company of her friends but it isn’t until she meets her new tutor, Young Ji (Kim Sae Byuk) that she finds any real support or encouragement. With Young Ji’s help, Eun Hee begins to see that the gifts her teachers and parents write frequently off as frivolous nonsense are exactly what make her so special. As Eun Hee begins to realize there’s a world full of people who will appreciate her and her gifts, she begins to catch glimmers of the one thing she’s never had before: hope. An award-winning coming-of-age story, “House of Hummingbird” is a 2018 drama film written and directed by Kim Bora.