Our Town

우리 동네

EN 100% Korea, Korean Drama

Our Town


Is there such a thing as the perfect crime? Kyung Ju (Oh Man Seok) is a struggling crime novelist who hasn’t been able to publish his books. He has trouble making his rent, and that results in repeated confrontations with his landlady. When one such argument ends violently in the landlady’s death, Kyung Ju thinks he has the perfect cover-up. A serial killer has been terrorizing his neighborhood in recent months, attacking female victims and leaving them positioned in a very specific way. Kyung Ju decides to stage the death of his landlady to look like the serial killer struck again. But he begins to worry that it might be viewed as a copycat killing, so Kyung Ju tries to solicit the help of his best friend Jae Shin (Lee Sun Gyun), who is a police lieutenant, to track down the real serial killer under the pretext of infusing more realism in his new murder mystery novel. What will happen when the two killers collide? “Our Town” is a 2007 South Korean film directed by Jung Gil Young.

Original title
우리 동네
Romanized title
Uri dongne
Also known as
Dark Town
Broadcast Network
Object Film/Motive Cinema [오브젝트필름/ 모티브 시네마]
Broadcast Period
Korea Korean Drama Thriller & Suspense Crime & Mystery Drama


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  1. Our Town

    Our Town

    EN 99% Korea


Lee Sun Gyun
Main Cast
Jung Hye Won
Main Cast
Oh Man Seok
Main Cast
Choi Jung Woo
Main Cast

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Our Town

Our Town

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