A Man on the Wind
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Will a man's mistake before his wedding cost him the happy life he had hoped for? Chu Yeum (Kim Chu Ryun) is set to marry Ji Suk, whom he met and fell in love with at work. But the day before his wedding, Chu Yeum has a one-night stand with a woman he meets at a bar. He's hoping to put his mistakes behind him but is shaken when the woman reappears in his life. Unwilling to let the woman ruin his marriage, Chu Yeum decides to get rid of the woman, but can he live with the guilt? "A Man on the Wind" is a 2006 South Korean film.
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Original title
바람타는 남자
Broadcast Network
Soraya Intercine
Broadcast Period
2006-12-01 to 2007-01-01
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