Three Fellas
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Could three childhood friends who ruled the roost around the riverbank behind their school return there as adults to discover that they were only a legend in their own minds? As kids, Jung Kwon (Park Keon Hyeong), Sung Hyun (Lee Chun Hee) and Kyung Ro (M.C. Mong) were inseparable as the best of friends and protected their turf against other students as the “No Touch Gang,” so called due to their great fighting skills. As they grow up and lead their separate lives, Jung Kwon, the best fighter of the group, goes into a life of crime and serves time in prison. When he is released, he returns to his old hometown to find that his old stomping grounds has changed and is overrun by real-life gangsters and organized crime. Can Jung Kwon and his buddies relive their glory days and reclaim their turf from the mafia or will they get in over their heads in the dangerous underworld? Also known as “Bar Legend,” “Legend of the Dike,” or “Embankment Legend,” “Three Fellas” is an action-packed 2006 South Korean film directed by Jo Beom Gu.
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Original title
Romanized title
Ddukbang Jeonseol
Also known as
Bar Legend, Riverbank Legends
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
2005-09-23 to 2005-12-02
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