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  • Jal


    “Jal” is the story of young, willful Bakka, who is gifted with a special ability to find water in... More

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  • Amit Sahni Ki List

    Everyone has a vision of his or her ideal partner. For investment banker Amit Sahni (Vir Das), he... More

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  • Dirty Politics

    Anokhi Devi (Mallika Sherawat) is a popular dancer who engages in a relationship with Dina Nath (... More

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  • The Break-up Season

    Just like the changing of the seasons, there is a season for relationship break-ups. It’s right a... More

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  • 0.5 Love

    0.5 Love

    How much do you sacrifice of yourself in order to make a relationship work? Chen Zi Hao (Purba Rg... More

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  • Tamanchey


    Tamanchey is an aggressive, passionate acidic love story between two criminals whilst on the run ... More

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  • If Love Had a Second Chance

    Three people working in the musical industry are best friends and inseparable. Xi Wen (Ya Jie) is... More

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  • Beautiful Regret

    A relationship can seem like it’s going great – until a curveball changes everything. Chen Xi (Er... More

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  • Nanjing Love Story

    Sometimes distance is not a bad thing in a relationship. Han Qiao (Sun Meng Fan) and Yang Xiao (W... More

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  • 33 Minutes of Heartbreak

    When Wang Xiao Jian is dumped by his girlfriend, what should he do next? Deciding whether to go r... More

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