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Coffee House
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Your favorite novelist may not be all that he seems.

Lee Jin Soo (Kang Ji Hwan) achieved tremendous success after his early thriller novels hit the bestseller lists, and legions of fans love and admire him as a writer. Outwardly, he appears sweet and humorous. Carefully hidden from the public eye is Jin Soo’s eccentric side – the mean-spirited, weird and persnickety personality.

Although a coffee snob who resorts to drinking his own self-made coffee, Jin Soo runs into barista Kang Seung Yeon (Ham Eun Jung) at a run-down coffee shop. Ecstatic to meet her favorite author, Seung Yeon convinces him to hire her as his secretary, only to discover that her new boss is not the dream author she envisioned. But she puts up with his strange behaviors, sarcasm and daily tortures as she strives to become the best secretary possible and hold onto her new professional job.

Seung Yeon becomes protective of her new boss from Seo Eun Young (Park Si Yeon), the owner of the publishing company that they both work for. The young heiress, who inherited the company from her grandfather but expanded it into the “book-café” niche market and grew the entire company into a national franchise, has a bickering love-hate relationship with her star author. But when Han Ji Won (Jung Woong In), her over-confident ex-fiancé, comes back to Seoul determined to win her back, she solicits Jin Soo’s help to help her get rid of the pest. Will the unlikely alliance backfire on the squabbling duo?

“Coffee House” is a 2010 South Korean drama series directed by Pyo Min Soo.

Original title
Romanized title
keo pi ha u seu
Also known as
Page One
Volunteer Team
Coffee House Volunteer Team
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
05-17-2010 to 07-27-2010
Korea Idol Drama Romantic Comedy Korean Drama Drama


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Park Jae Jung
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Park Si Yeon
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Kang Ji Hwan
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Ham Eun Jung
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