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School 2013


School equals unhappiness.The students have long been the icons of loneliness, suicide, and bullying.The teachers are incompetent employees who go to school to give detention. The parents are dictators who will do anything for their child to advance in society. And school is a monster. But is school really a monster? I mean, have we ever really taken a good, proper look at school? Whenever a school is rocked by bullying or death, people blame the academic policies or SATs. They sigh and aimlessly point a finger at our moral-lacking, dog eat dog world. Perhaps we actually know nothing about school. If so, then this is the moment we all must peer into the essence of school. If we hold our breaths and look inside, the school will listen. To the stories the children hide and the teachers are unaware of, and to the deep wounds of school, which has become a monster. We all must face the despair school emanates in order to discover that faint glimmer of hope. That hope is the first step in coming face to face with the non-monstrous future of school.