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An Innocent Mistake
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Can a woman’s longing for a father hinder her ability to have a healthy relationship with a man her own age? Zhong Man Qing (Lin Chen Xi) was abandoned at birth but had the good fortune of being raised by three moms who found her and gave her all the love, support and encouragement any child could need. But despite growing up a confident woman, Man Qing has always longed for a father figure, and she is elated when the wise Zheng Da Shan (Jason Wang) enters her life to provide counsel during a difficult time in her life. When Man Qing meets Da Shan’s withdrawn son, Zheng Yu En (Mo Tzu Yi), she is gradually won over by his pure love for her, although she in turn is more drawn to his father’s affections and attention. Can Man Qing help repair the broken father-son relationship or will her love drive the two men further apart? “An Innocent Mistake,” also known as “Sin Beauty,” is a 2012 Taiwanese drama series directed by Xiang Xiu Qiong.

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Zui Mei Li
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Innocent Team
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2012-11-16 to 2013-03-01
Taiwan Taiwanese Drama Romance Drama


Tang Zhen Gang
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Katie Chen
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Lin Bo Hong
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Zai Zai Lin
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Opening Theme Song - Michelle's First Day by Wan Fang: An Innocent Mistake Fan Video
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