I Am Legend

나는 전설이다

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I Am Legend


I am legend is a music drama about mid-age women organizing a band to console themselves. Jun Seol Hee (Kim Jung Eun) recently divorced after realizing that she deserved to be treated better by her high-flying lawyer husband, Cha Ji Wook (Kim Seung Soo), and his arrogant family. Determined to get her life back on track, she returns to her rock band roots, becoming the leader of the Comeback Madonna Band. Her bandmates are fellow 'ahjummas' who have personal problems of their own, and together they search for happiness and personal fulfillment through music.

Original title
나는 전설이다
Romanized title
Naneun Junseolida
Also known as
I'm Legend
Broadcast Network
Broadcast Period
08-02-2010 to 09-21-2010
Korea Music Romance Korean Drama Drama


I Am Legend Episode 1
Episode 1
EN 100% Korea
I Am Legend Episode 2
Episode 2
EN 99% Korea
I Am Legend Episode 3
Episode 3
EN 99% Korea
I Am Legend Episode 4
Episode 4
EN 99% Korea
I Am Legend Episode 5
Episode 5
EN 100% Korea
I Am Legend Episode 6
Episode 6
EN 100% Korea


Kim Seung Soo
Main Cast
Kim Jung Eun
Main Cast
Lee Joon Hyuk
Main Cast
Jang Shin Young
Main Cast

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