During the tumultuous Ming Dynasty, four young detective guards who each excel in a different form of martial arts, fight corruption and maintain justice in the land. “Cold Blood” is Leng Xie (Zhang Han), a master swordsman. “Heartless” is Wu Qing (Yang Yang), a specialist in using hidden weapons. “Chaser” is Zhui Ming (William Chan), an expert at Qing Gong. “Iron Fist” is Tie Shou (Mao Zi Jun), a master boxer. Their teacher, sheriff Zhuge Zhen Wo (Huang Wen Hao), also takes in Chu Li Mo (Janine Chang) after she is saved by Leng Xie while escaping the palace, and she develops her talent for mind reading. Can the young group stop the evil An Shi Di (Mickey He) from carrying out his many bad deeds? “The Four” is a 2015 Chinese drama series directed by Liang Sheng Quan. It is based on the classic wuxia novel The Four Infamous Deputies by Wen Rui An.