A young doctor finds himself embroiled in a series of events that appear to be coincidental but may have been calculated by unknown forces. While working at a university hospital, Dr. Kengo Shiba is unexpectedly transferred to the financially struggling Okubo Memorial Hospital, where he meets the beautiful head nurse, Yuka. Yuka’s sister, Keiko, marries Toshio , the manager of a large academic group. After Keiko suffers a miscarriage and then forced to have a hysterectomy, she asks Yuka to be her surrogate so that she can have a child with Toshio. Yuka agrees, and the two sisters begin to make plans for the surrogacy. A year later, a pregnant woman is rushed to Okubo Memorial, and Dr. Shiba performs an emergency C-section and safely delivers a baby boy, but his inexperience leads to the death of the mother shortly thereafter. The baby is now motherless with no identification. Can Dr. Shiba uncover the truth behind the mysterious child or will he fall prey to a manipulated scheme?
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Broadcast Network
TV Asahi
Broadcast Period
2012-01-19 to 2012-03-08
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