Khun Chai Puttipat (part 3 of the Gentlemen of Chutathep Series) is a young doctor that love without any distinction. His mother was the daughter of a rich Chinese merchant. The handsome doctor must forget all the rules that he had followed his entire life when he met a commoner woman who holds the title of "Miss Sri Siam." He uses his own heart and decides to rescue her from becoming a powerful General's concubine. Thus, it was led to a fake marriage where the two will hide their hearts simply because neither understand their feelings. But in the end, this young noble will discover that this commoner girl is more precious than any diamonds and gems in the world. Starring JAMES JIRAYU TANGSRISUK, BELLA RANEE CAMPEN

Volunteer Team
Khun Chai Puttipat Team
Broadcast Network
Thai TV Channel 3
Broadcast Period
2013-05-03 to 2013-05-19
Thailand Romance Drama

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11 Available Subtitles
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